Northern Pallywankers
Contact: Rabicanp

Next Match: Next match time not yet available.

i hate scheluding :(
Threat Assessment
Northern Paladins is one of the most successful tournament teams of all time. They have also participated every mwc ever since mwc2000, with the exception of mwc2005 where they ended up forfeiting.   They won mwc2001 and finished second in mwc03 and mwc04. They have been plagued by inactivity in the previous years, but this time around they have been surprisingly active, specially since the addition of some Tcox people. I'd say that this team will either end up dying horribly vs another good team or find themselves in the finals.

Post QR update: My original prediction still stands.

Update DE2: Well well. Thanks to Rabicans scheduling Np only showed up with four to their match and lost. This weekend is going to be a crucial one, since they are having their meeting this weekend and most likely wont show up for games. Them continuing after this weekend is relying on 3-4 players that aren't going to the meeting. Good stuff.

Update DE3: They lahl hillus corned... err whoops wrong team. Well they defeated their opponents last week. Now they are facing the team that sent them in the b-bracket in the first place. Will they lose again? I doubt it, but that depends on how many people show up for the match.

Update DE4: They swooped over SL and the undermanned Twf team. They showed up with 10 players for both of the matches, so that's good. Everything is looking good for them at the moment, so a finals is expected.This team has received 383 betting pool "votes".
Match Results
Bye Week 28-0
Team Statistics
Current Rank:1
QR Pool:Acerus Malum
QR Exit Seed:3
QR Diff Avg:22.00
Points Scored:415
Points Allowed:146
Avg Point Diff:20.69
Team Kills:2952
Damage Done:23701
Damage Taken:17008
Frequent Captains
Rabicanp (karvatti)W/T/L: 35/2/3Captained: 40Arzenic (arzenic)W/T/L: 8/0/0Captained: 8tirrimeister (sopuli)W/T/L: 3/0/1Captained: 4
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