Smurf Legion
Contact: Newbiestyle

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Threat Assessment
This team seems to be consisting of some old gtm players and then bunch of rankers. That means that there is a rather interesting controversy going on here. The victims of the rust troll versus the active rank whores. This team is abit of a question mark to me. They might do relatively well, or end up losing alot. Only time will tell I suppose. They have some solid players, like Rocket Dive, Newbiestyle and Maze. Rd hasn't played in like a decade though, but if he becomes active he should be the hvi hittur in this team.

They might find themselves in the top 10 if they can pull their act together. I'm rather sure they will do that.

Update: Ok well apparently the gtm people left the team, so making it to top 10 is going to be a struggle for them now.

Update #2: Ok they added Clank now. They are going dooooooowwwwwnnnnn!

Update #3: Stop changing your bloody roster so much :(

Post QR update: Their showing wasn't as good as I would have thought. They probably will not be the upset team in this tournament, unlike Agents in mwc04. Top ten finish doesn't seem all too likely now. A good run is to be expected nevertheless. Specially now since they got Nemesis and Sam to their team.

Update DE2: Smurfettes managed to defeat the undermanned Np team and are now facing Tcox at DE3. I am somewhat doubtful that they have what it takes to take down Tcox, even if they don't have their best roster this year. They can still make enough noise to break in to the top 10 in the b-bracket after this round.

DE3: They are now in the bottom bracket. They could theoretically still get past DE4, but that depends heavily on who they will be playing next week. Chances are that they will not make it past next round, but I might be wrong. They've had a decent run nevertheless.

Summary: Despite having some of the same players, they didn't quite become the Agents of Mwc06. Their victory over Np would have made us assume otherwise though. After the Np victory it was all downhill for these champs. Getting man handled by Tcox and then by Np wasn't really that impressive.  However, I must say that they played ok vs Np at DE4. Overall a 12th place finish from these guys is not a bad accomplishment.This team has received 59 betting pool "votes".
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:12
QR Pool:Bruiser
QR Exit Seed:14
QR Diff Avg:-1.00
Points Scored:143
Points Allowed:123
Avg Point Diff:2.86
Team Kills:1359
Damage Done:11979
Damage Taken:10065
Frequent Captains
Da (pingpongda)W/T/L: 9/0/7Captained: 16Nemesis (knox)W/T/L: 1/0/3Captained: 4Newbiestyle (Newbiestyle)W/T/L: 3/0/0Captained: 3
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