NFD ft. fcomm
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The knell of the bells at the Gion temple
Echoes the impermanence of all things.
The colour of the flowers on its double-trunked tree
Reveals the truth that to flourish is to fall.
He who is proud is not so for long,
Like a passing dream on a night in spring.
He who is brave is finally destroyed,
To be no more than dust before the wind.
- Opening lines of The Tale of the Heike, translated by P. G. O'Neill
Threat Assessment
NFD combined with Fcomm is a rather old tournament team from Japan. Fcomm played already in mwc01. This time around this team is formed mostly by the NFD side apparently. They don't have alot of great individual players, but they play amazingly well as a team. They finished 4th in mwc04, which is their best showing so far. This team is abit weaker than their mwc04 team however. I wouldn't go as far as saying that they could finish top 5 this year, but top 10 finish is for certain. They should also be able to compete well against the "good" teams.

Post QR update: The NFDF showing wasn't perhaps as strong as I would have thought. Their match vs Ageha vas a little bit closer than it should have been. I'm still rather certain that they will make it it to top ten however, but it will be a struggle.

Update DE2: They lost pretty badly to Tcox. Their roster this year perhaps isn't as strong as in the previous years, but a 5-0 is still not really that good of a thing. I'm fairly certain that they can still sport their way up to the top10 however, but it is going to be difficult. They will probably face TFS on Sunday and that may turn out to be a close match.

Update DE5: Whoops sorry guys! I updated every teams ta's cept yours. Anyhoo, I'm rather certain that they wont be in the tournament anymore after this weekend. BIA will most likely be too tough of a team for these guys. If they continue after this weekend it would probably be the biggest shock we've had in a while. Maybe they can do it! I would find it rather unlikely though.

Summary: Nfdf ended up with 5th place finish this year. This was a very good performance from them. They got perhaps abit lucky with the bottom bracket seedings, but their victory over DET was solid. They did lose quite badly to Tcox and BIA though and that will probably cause some speculations. I however think that their 5th spot finish was well deserved. Ageha still has alot to learn from these guys.This team has received 127 betting pool "votes".
Team Roster
CRC           NFD (CRC37)Duan (direngrey)satherland (raphyan)Muse$ (dethIbeR)Father Xmas (raisen)Micsan (behind)kuri (kuri)Moy (Moy)Gastank (Gastank)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:5
QR Pool:Mauriac
QR Exit Seed:6
QR Diff Avg:19.33
Points Scored:263
Points Allowed:114
Avg Point Diff:14.90
Team Kills:1432
Damage Done:12327
Damage Taken:10479
Frequent Captains
CRC           NFD (CRC37)W/T/L: 13/0/12Captained: 25Gastank (Gastank)W/T/L: 3/0/1Captained: 4Duan (direngrey)W/T/L: 1/0/0Captained: 1
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