Brills meets Evil
Contact: Bullet tooth Tony± h

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Nothing new to see here, BME further reveal how they are undoubtedly the most irritating and ignorant team to ever grace the game of myth.

"WHINE WHINE WHINE ::insert illogical arguement here:: WHINE WHINE WHINE" is pretty much the basic conversation with any member of their team.

Oh, they might throw in how they're better at myth than you too (which is probably true) and explain how it makes them more successful in life.

BME, an embarassment to the myth community.

Good luck losing to Np in the finals.


Team BME cares too much. Sheesh


Thanks for the games BME and showing the maturity and class of eight year olds. Oh but you're good at Myth so that makes it okay.


BME doesn't have a good reputation. In fact, I'd say your reputation is comparable to that of Aesir circa NML2*, only you guys are much more skilled.


I'm pretty sure if grim had the oportunity to shoot either all the BME members or the BMF members we'd be the ones dead.


BME you are pathetic! I hope NP Beats the piss out of ya! NP is better then BME and they are not hated as much as BME!! Face it you guys are an insult to myth and this tourney.. If I was TO I would have been a lot stricter on BME by not letting all of the BS continue on...


Why do you BME think anyone gives a shit about you? Your ego and insistance on acting like myth celebrities is derived from your own sense of self worth, which is pretty pathetic considering most of you are complete and utter losers.







Your player graphics on your team page suck.


Wtf is the junkfood attack?


let's just say there are a whole lot of people talking about BME. The fact that all of them are in BME is just an amazing coincidence.
All hail BME, the 1003895787th team ever made on myth.

- Myrk

EDIT by MOD: BME get the **** Outa those forums. The only thing you do is flame!

- modirator

i so much feel sorry for BME.. geesh acheron wth are you trying to do.. get everyone to hate BME?

- Fred

If we win this mwc, verbally stomp on BME's face, for the rest of time

- Kugar BIA

that's all I'm playing for, BME

- Death Bastard BIA

hi acheron, why lie to me before? why play along that I thought you were liger? talk to me, you dumb slut! whatever. there are consequences to being a lying asshole. Understand: you will face them.

-tiger BIA
Threat Assessment
Brills meets evil is a team that has won two tournaments. Tfc2 back in 2003 and then followed by an impressive victory in MWC2004. They were clearly the best team in that tournament. They didn't play as BME in mwc05, but many of their key players played in the team Unholy Alliance that finished 4th in that tournament. This time around BME has a rather similar roster as they did in Mwc2004 and the addition of Nemesis definitely shouldn't hurt them. They are one of the favorites, if not THE favorite to win this tournament and anything less than a finals showing would be a disappointment.

Post QR update: Their QR play leads me to believe that my original prediction is still valid. They did lose (or kick) a couple of players from their roster though, but I'm pretty sure that wont matter if they have their core players showing up for matches.

Update: They won their grudge match, so they got first seed. With gun held on to my head, I am forced to include the words "rape" and "owned" in to this update.

Update DE2: They stumbled abit vs Ageha, but the two losses came after they already won the first three games, so most likely you can't really draw too many conclusions from that match. They will most likely not be properly tested untill DE4. My original prediction still stands.

Update DE3: Well they did slightly worse than I would have expected, but they won and that's what matters. Their next opponent will be the Elephants who will be playing without Ducky. That should be a very interesting match, unless BME pumps up properly for that match. In that case I don't think the Elephantoids have too much chances of beating BME.

Update DE4: They did beat the Elephants, but it was a somewhat good match and the games went 3-1-1, so it was kind of close in that sense. BME did "rape" in two games though. Their next opponent will be Tcox, who surprisingly beat BIA. That match should be pretty good.

Summary: Surprisingly, they are out of the tournament after losing two matches in a row. Np d0nged them out of the tournament after the bottom bracket finals. Their showing in mwc06 was nowhere near the impressive run they had in mwc04. The reason why that is is only known by them I guess. 3rd place finish would be good for any team, but considering that BME (and many others) were so sure that they would win the whole thing, their final finish can only be considered as a disappointment.This team has received 393 betting pool "votes".
Match Results
Bye Week 28-0
Team Statistics
Current Rank:3
QR Pool:Bonesplitter
QR Exit Seed:1
QR Diff Avg:22.67
Points Scored:234
Points Allowed:129
Avg Point Diff:11.67
Team Kills:1606
Damage Done:13449
Damage Taken:10180
Frequent Captains
Bullet tooth Tony± h (From)W/T/L: 20/2/11Captained: 33Chohan    ø     BME (chohan)W/T/L: 0/0/1Captained: 1
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