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Player Statistics
Games Attended:29
Record (W/T/L):26/1/2
Games Captained:1
Record (W/T/L):1/0/0
Kills - Losses:270-100
Best Game:41-0
Bet Pool Accur:9.4
Bet Pool Total:143
Bet Pool Rank:108th

Rattle Snake

I kill, you die, no mercy Login: Perfect
Real Name: Jesse
Location: Louisiana, Unknown :(

Favorite Map: Gimble
Favorite Game: Lmoth
Favorite Unit: Warrior
I sux so if u are up against me, rush me carelessly so when you own me, you can go tell all your friends that you beat a living God.  Bragging makes people hate you and want to kill you and i love that because then you fight out of anger and not skill then die and ask for a rematch and die again, its fun, try it against me sometime.  Btw, I own with melee so don't engage even if u have 2x as much...big mistake (ask myrk, he knows from experience) :)(had to throw my 2cents in).  Honestly though, play m2 with a good heart and for fun and u will play much better and enjoy it more, don't try to prove anything to anyone b/c everyone has there bad days.  When I play matchs, I have fun and dont get uptight cause that makes u get nervous then die, GG's  Hunting/m2/sports/ own.

Peace out
Threat Assessment:
Rattle Snake is from the south. I have a theory here, since the south is hot people move slow. Since they move slow, they think slow also, which means he's really bad at myth. And likely to be eaten by crocodiles too.  

10"  shriveled in fear of the Louisiana.
Build time: 6ms