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Player Statistics
Games Attended:39
Record (W/T/L):31/1/7
Games Captained:7
Record (W/T/L):5/0/2
Kills - Losses:290-172
Best Game:22-0
Bet Pool Accur:4.7
Bet Pool Total:76
Bet Pool Rank:37th


"Breaking into the Pentagon's computer. Double click on Yes." "Have you ever seen an evil giraffe? "I will eat all the leaves off this tree. I will eat more than I should so that the other giraffes will DIE. HA HA....HA" An evil herbivore....something to  Login: hellfire15
Real Name: James
Location: Dallas

Favorite Map: Acts of Cruelty
Favorite Game: Myth 2: Soulblighter
Favorite Unit: RPG'ER
Been playing myth since ... about 3 months after TFL was released... its my favorite game of all time.  It was the first computer game I ever played.  I have tried other games over the past few years... but none are even half as fun as myth.  Also, eddie izzard is the funniest man alive.  I have also been comet more times and for a longer time then anyone to date.... GG :O, nice try.
Threat Assessment:
Kap-a-roo or whatever he calls himself nowadays can get a comet whenever he wants! Yet he is actually one of the better players in this tourney. His pinnacle of skill was during mwc99 by his own admission, but he shouldn't be counted out. He was vital to the gtm team and will continue to provide big for any team he's on.

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