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Player Statistics
Games Attended:44
Record (W/T/L):36/1/7
Games Captained:23
Record (W/T/L):19/1/3
Kills - Losses:385-207
Best Game:22-0
Bet Pool Accur:5.7
Bet Pool Total:90
Bet Pool Rank:59th


:( Login: darkomen1
Real Name: Graham
Location: Ottawa, Canada

Favorite Map: raid
Favorite Game: bc
Favorite Unit: myrk giant
I won 3 tourneys in 3 weeks not so long ago (HELLO GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS) but of course tourneys are meaningless. But my real claim to fame is beating the comet in a game of raid. I'M SO ELITE :(
Threat Assessment:
At first we thought this player was P3N15 1N 455, who is an 18" wonder, but instead what we have here is Myrkridon, who's circumcision went terribly awry. Myrk is really good at dancing with a single archer, but his real specialty is dancing with a single pus ghol. Most teams follow the strategy of using 3 or 4 of their best players for full flanks with the remaining "idiots" using pus. Myrk is in the latter. :(

Plastic tube
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