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Player Statistics
Games Attended:39
Record (W/T/L):33/1/5
Games Captained:1
Record (W/T/L):1/0/0
Kills - Losses:243-152
Best Game:24-0
Bet Pool Accur:4.3
Bet Pool Total:74
Bet Pool Rank:24th


GG LOL NCIE TRY Login: Flatline
Real Name: Phil
Location: Miass

Favorite Map: I'm
Favorite Game: The
Favorite Unit: Peaple's Champ
Ranked Accomplishments :
Comet (try Bloodbane in lore)
Numerous wanky celest icons

Previous Orders :
B.I. (original tfl B.I. never in myth2)

Total Devastation (creator in myth1 carried over and died and reformed several times in myth2).

9th Circle of Hell (joined mwc2k it pretty much disappeared halfway between then and mwck21).

Tourney Teams :
MWC2k - 9coh (we rocked in QR and sucked in DE)
NML2 - 9coh (9coh by name. Pure rabble by nature. We sucked sometimes but rocked a lot of good teams when it counted).
Com - Sesame Studs and errr Simpsonz (uh ok but at least i admitted it as soon as i was "outed". Thanks joker :) )
TBT - Np (showed up for first match and the final with maybe 1 other game in whole tourney. "I did my part")
Threat Assessment:
Flatline is an Aussie with PENIS ENVY~~~~ Being the smallest member on the team, he has to fight for attention by thrusting into unique and original orifaces. When he does play, he's good. I guess. I think he really just likes to leech off of fine players like Henry.

6" sorry, but flat is just average :(

Update: I didn't realize making up a story that anyone would actually leech off Henry would be so cold. My apologies.

My apologies to Henry now.

Apologies to all. No actually go to hell :(
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