Player Statistics
Games Attended:44
Record (W/T/L):37/1/6
Games Captained:8
Record (W/T/L):8/0/0
Kills - Losses:406-334
Best Game:24-2
Damage / Game:77
Best Game:171
Bet Pool Accur:2.1
Bet Pool Total:41
Bet Pool Rank:31st
Login: arzenic
Team: Northern Pallywankers
Real Name: arse-nik
Location: arsland

Favorite Map: arse
Favorite Game: arzenick
Favorite Unit: arsenick

ranking #4 !
Threat Assessment - Grim
Arzenic has been the primary captain for ThunderCox for the past few years. He is definitely a dangerous player to pretty much anyone and he has also been very active. He has a very nice eye for the game, but Rabican will most likely be captaining for this team.
Threat Assessment - Dantski
Arz got sick of having to cap Tcox so he's on this team. He should be happy enough taking a reasonable number of units and killing all but the best opposition.
Threat Assessment - tiger
Arzenic was captain for the MWC finalist TCox team. I have considered him one of the best players in Myth since 2004; nothing he's done has made me feel otherwise. Solid four baller.
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