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Next Match: Next match time not yet available.
We have risen from the dead to play in MWC06.

We hate everybody especially euros.

We are the oldest clan in Myth.
We have done well in tournaments. People who jumped our team (including me) have been on teams who have placed high.
We created SOMK, GOJW, LMNS, and every other possible immature acronym that you can think of. If you don't like it then ESAD.
We have the =p !!! emoticon patented.
We have met up with each other in real life.
We are not dorks.
I cannot say the same for 90% of you guys.

It feels damn good to be a part of SYN/TWF/PRO or whatever the hell we decided to call ourselves.

We don't care if we get anally raped or if we anally rape someone else. All we care about is having fun playing with all the old crew.

A big shout out to all of the original but not forgotten TWF members:

And other important members:
Mazrim Taim
Digital Justice
Sir Slasher

TWF - The clan that will never go away.

RGR50, bitches.
Threat Assessment
TWF is an old and succesful team that is full of lamy ass lamers, like Regulus. If these nubcakes decide to become active, they can make a good showing. The days when they were able to get four to five trow ratings are undoubtedly over however. They are going to have to do alot of battle with the rust troll, but I think can win the fight. They should be able to beat alot of the teams in this tournament, but they are definitely going to have hard time against active regular myth playing teams. They can swoop their way into the top 10, but that's probably it then. Don't underestimate them though.

Post QR update: They didn't win their bracket because they only had four players showing up for the crucial match vs Poop. Poop only won with one point, so I guess these guys can still play. That's good news for them. A top 10 finish is pretty much ensured, unless Regulus goes berserk in the forums.

Update DE2: They defeated Poop quite badly as I had predicted. Regulus hasn't gone berzerk in the forums yet, so that's a good thing! However, they are facing the Body Manipulation Experts next week, so that can't be good. They will most likely go down like a clown vs BME, but good luck anyway!

Update DE3: They did better than what I expected, but I'm not really sure if it was because TWF was playing well or because BME was slacking. Either way they still lost, but they snagged two games away from BME, which is not bad at all. Their next opponent will be Team name. If they manage to advance from that they will most likely play NP. Unless Seeker's fury will d0ng TWF, the Np match is likely to happen.

Summary: TWF was one of the "surprise" teams in this tournament. I'm not going to use the word underdog, since I don't think that using that term on a team that has been playing for ages and has been rated as a four trow team pretty much always is appropriate. However, their showing was surprisingly good considering that they were eliminated at DE3 in Mwc04. Their match vs Bme has been one of the best matches to watch in this tournament so far. Twf was eventually eliminated by the finnish frenzy, but they have every reason to feel good about performance in this tournament.This team has received 64 betting pool "votes".
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:7
QR Pool:Warbla
QR Exit Seed:9
QR Diff Avg:15.00
Points Scored:205
Points Allowed:109
Avg Point Diff:12.00
Team Kills:1550
Damage Done:12420
Damage Taken:10269
Frequent Captains
Hannibal (Hannibalsyn)W/T/L: 11/0/9Captained: 20Regulus (regulus)W/T/L: 9/1/1Captained: 11
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