The Elephriends
Contact: Stampy

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    On September 11, 1916 a hotel worker named Red Eldridge was hired as an assistant elephant trainer by the circus. On the evening of September 12 he was killed by Mary in Kingsport, Tennessee while taking her to a nearby pond to splash and drink. There are several accounts of his death but the most widely accepted version is that he prodded her behind the ear with a hook after she reached down to nibble on a watermelon rind. She went into a rage, snatched Eldridge with her trunk, threw him against a drink stand and deliberately crushed his head with her foot.
    The elephant was hung by the neck from a railcar-mounted industrial crane. The first attempt resulted in a snapped chain, causing Mary to fall and break her hip as dozens of children fled in terror.
Threat Assessment
The Elephriends is a team full of veterans who have also been somewhat active. The team core is formed by the Iron Chef gang that has made a good showing in all the mwc tournaments they have entered. This team also has people from Tcox and Np. They also have the best team bio in this tournament. With people like Sb and Cave with them this time, this group should really be doing well this time around, even if they're going to lose Ducky after the Qr. This team is probably one of the favorites and should definitely find themselves in the top three, if not the finals.

Update: Well they lost the Tcox people, but somehow managed to snag limp. My original prediction still stands.

Post QR update: The Elephantoids did as expected. They wiped the floor with the other teams in their bracket and got fourth seed for the DE rounds. They will most likely face BME at some point, so that will be their biggest challenge. It should be an interesting match. My original prediction still stands though.

Update DE2: The Herd rolled over BMW as expected, even though they lost the Smells game with Shaister ending up with 41-1 ratios. Their next weeks opponent is most likely not going to cause too much fuss for the Jellybeans, but you can never be too causious. Their real challenge is going to be at DE4 once they face BME.

Update DE3: They beat THOR and are now facing BME. Close match? Possibly, but I have my doubts about that now that Elephants lost Ducky. Ducky will be doing battle with the eskimos for the rest of the year. Very unfortunate for the Elephants. I hope they can put up a proper fight versus BME however.

Update DE4: Well, they put up a proper fight vs BME, but still lost. They didn't really have their best roster present however. Next week they are playing Northern Paladins and that match isn't going to be any easier for the Elephants than the match vs BME was. It should be rather interesting to see which team advances.

Summary: The Elephantoids lost to Np yesterday and are now eliminated from the tournament. They only finished 6th in this tournament. This was probably due to surprisingly having to play Np at such an "early" stage. Otherwise I think they would have at least get past the friday match. As a whole their performance was pretty much as I was expecting. They lahl hillus corned the weaker teams and managed to put up a proper fight against teams like Bme. It's abit of a shame that they lost Ducky in the middle of the tournament and that Head didn't play.This team has received 294 betting pool "votes".
Team Roster
Ganesh (yejagreth)Baa (shaister)Stampy (joec)Ar      Snout Spout (goldfish)ska (ska)adrenaline (adrenaline)Ludde (QiKo)nineball (omgz0r)Elephas Maximus (lull)HEd (Rimshot)Teh Elephantoid (thresher)*Apollo       Sm (lalalasa)
Match Results
Bye Week 28-0
Team Statistics
Current Rank:6
QR Pool:Andvari
QR Exit Seed:4
QR Diff Avg:21.67
Points Scored:198
Points Allowed:117
Avg Point Diff:10.12
Team Kills:1477
Damage Done:11618
Damage Taken:9206
Frequent Captains
ska (ska)W/T/L: 13/1/10Captained: 24Baa (shaister)W/T/L: 2/0/0Captained: 2Elephas Maximus (lull)W/T/L: 2/0/0Captained: 2
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