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Player Statistics
Games Attended:28
Record (W/T/L):17/0/11
Games Captained:1
Record (W/T/L):1/0/0
Kills - Losses:184-106
Best Game:17-4
Bet Pool Accur:34.1
Bet Pool Total:396
Bet Pool Rank:198th


You will know you suck when you have more games than points. Login: Paper
Real Name:
Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Favorite Map: Trow
Favorite Game: Body Count
Favorite Unit: Trow
I got Myth TFL as a Christmas present in December of '97. I played it constantly for a very long time right up until M2SB came out, I bought it immideatly and played it constantly as a BC Trow hoor. I quit when rolling resets began, and only recently returned when I got my cable modem.
Threat Assessment:
Cu'Roi has been around for along time and has past MWC expierence under his belt.  Cu'Roi is a quality player that could quite possibly show everyone a thing or two.  With the eye of a veteran you can rest assured that you won't be able to pull any fast ones on him.
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