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Player Statistics
Games Attended:28
Record (W/T/L):17/0/11
Games Captained:2
Record (W/T/L):1/0/1
Kills - Losses:264-153
Best Game:31-12
Bet Pool Accur:34.1
Bet Pool Total:396
Bet Pool Rank:199th


  Our lemmings are larger than yours!   Login: bsontag
Real Name: Brian Sonatg
Location: Earth

Favorite Map: Anything with Trees
Favorite Game: Hungry Hungry Hypo
Favorite Unit: The one in my pants
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The seaweed is always greener
 In somebody else's lake
 You dream about going up there
 But that is a big mistake
 Just look at the world around you
 Right here on the ocean floor
 Such wonderful things surround you
 What more is you lookin' for?
 Under the sea, under the sea
 Darling it's better down where it's wetter
 Take it from me
 Up on the shore they work all day
 Out in the sun they slave away
 While we're devoting full time to floating
 Under the sea, ha ha...
 Down here all the fish is happy
 As after the waves they roll
 The fish on the land ain't happy
 They sad 'cause they in the bowl!
 But fish in the bowl is lucky
 They in for a worser fate
 One day when the boss get hungry
 Guess who goin' be on the plate?
 Wo-no, under the sea
 Under the sea
 Nobody beat us, fry us and eat us
 In frickazee
 We what the land folks loves to cook
 Under the sea we off the hook
 We've got no troubles, life is the bubbles
 Under the sea (under the sea)
 Under the sea (under the sea)
 Since life is sweet here, we got the beat here
 Naturally (naturally-ee-ee-ee)
 Even the sturgeon and the ray
 They get the urge and start to play
 We've got the spirit, you've got to hear it
 Under the sea
 The lute play the flute
 The carp play the harp
 The plaice play the bass and they soundin' sharp
 The bass play the brass
 The chub play the tub
 The fluke is the duke of soul (yeah)
 The ray, he can play the lings on the strings
 The trout acting out
 The blackfish he sings
 The smelt and the sprat
 They know where it's at
 And oh, that blowfish blow!
 Yeah, under the sea
 Under the sea
 When the sardine begin the beguine
 It's music to me (music is to me)
 What do they got, a lot of sand?
 We've got a hot crustacean band
 Each little clam here know how to jam here
 Under the sea
 Each little slug here cutting a rug here
 Under the sea
 Each little snail here know how to wail here
 That's why it's hotter under the water
 Yeah, we in luck here down under the muck here
 Under the sea</center>
Threat Assessment:
Maybe the worst player in this years mwc.  He has very little concept of how myth should be played.  Look for him to be benched every game.
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