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Match Q026 - Qualifying Round
Iron Chef defeats Cacrajou Circle 33-30
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Game 1: Stampede on The Desert Between Your Ears  7-1
Iron Chef Cacrajou Circle 
Michiba (Ska5)9:0Weltall (Deton8tor7)5:0
Morimoto (yejagreth)15:0Tormin (Tormin)26:0
Chen Kenichi (bezerk)12:0Pompous (SoulBlinky)13:0
Chairman Kaga (sinon)9:0Cu'Roi (Paper)12:0
  Kugar (Kugar)9:0
  Bombtrack (bsontag)5:0
  P. McCartny (dex6)5:0
Game 2: Territories on If I Had a Trow...  17-0
Cacrajou Circle Iron Chef 
Weltall (Deton8tor7)2:2Chen Kenichi (bezerk)11:4
Kugar (Kugar)20:7Morimoto (yejagreth)9:2
Cu'Roi (Paper)15:10Michiba (Ska5)2:11
Tormin (Tormin)6:5Chairman Kaga (sinon)1:15
Bombtrack (bsontag)3:4  
Pompous (SoulBlinky)2:1  
P. McCartny (dex6)0:5  
Game 3: Flag Rally on Cracks in the Cloudspine  26-12
Iron Chef Cacrajou Circle 
Chairman Kaga (sinon)10:6Okko (Trogin)0:0
Chen Kenichi (bezerk)24:13Bombtrack (bsontag)9:8
Michiba (Ska5)4:5Pompous (SoulBlinky)6:4
Morimoto (yejagreth)0:3Weltall (Deton8tor7)4:15
  Kugar (Kugar)4:1
  Cu'Roi (Paper)2:12
  Tormin (Tormin)2:11
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