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Match Q133 - Qualifying Round
Crouching Ghol Hidden Wight defeats The Syndicate 37-29
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Game 1: Stampede on The Desert Between Your Ears  8-0
Crouching Ghol Hidden Wight The Syndicate 
DragonBlood (bloodsketc)11:0Shaitan (shaitan)3:0
Armored Core (AnamaMage)13:0Sir Robyn (bohemund)32:0
Lord Ferian (ferian)9:0Zephyr (groden)17:0
t o x y n (drearmy)4:0Raziel (reload)16:0
Avelyn (avelyn)2:0SPIKE (ruga1)4:0
Holy Knight (seanff7)1:0HeRo (mals)1:0
King Adrock (Sabrosa)0:0  
Game 2: Territories on If I Had a Trow...  17-0
The Syndicate Crouching Ghol Hidden Wight 
Shaitan (shaitan)14:10t o x y n (drearmy)1:4
SPIKE (ruga1)12:2Zor Prime (zorprime)11:11
Raziel (reload)11:10DragonBlood (bloodsketc)6:12
HeRo (mals)5:0Lord Ferian (ferian)2:5
Sir Robyn (bohemund)5:4King Adrock (Sabrosa)2:1
Zephyr (groden)4:4Avelyn (avelyn)1:10
  Goat Bastard (killercroc)0:9
Game 3: Flag Rally on Cracks in the Cloudspine  29-12
Crouching Ghol Hidden Wight The Syndicate 
Armored Core (AnamaMage)5:10Quickie (slick)0:0
t o x y n (drearmy)22:14Raziel (reload)12:14
DragonBlood (bloodsketc)13:5Zephyr (groden)11:9
Lord Ferian (ferian)11:7SPIKE (ruga1)6:5
Zor Prime (zorprime)4:2HeRo (mals)4:7
Avelyn (avelyn)4:4Sir Robyn (bohemund)3:11
King Adrock (Sabrosa)0:0  
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