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Match Q094 - Qualifying Round
Cirque du Soulblighter defeats .force 46-19
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Game 1: Stampede on The Desert Between Your Ears  7-0
.force Cirque du Soulblighter 
K.Take (ktake)14:0Mr. Top Hat (balefire)0:0
Shinku (gazu)22:03 balls the clown (genericmp)10:0
Michy (michymouse)18:0Ho Jangles (stinger)9:0
Ari.force (ariga10)12:0Chuckles (Kaltorak)9:0
Summer $ (syama)7:0Shakes (temuut)8:0
  Jumbo (LordBerk)7:0
  Bingo (parson)6:0
Game 2: Territories on If I Had a Trow...  17-0
Cirque du Soulblighter .force 
Chuckles (Kaltorak)7:3K.Take (ktake)3:12
3 balls the clown (genericmp)19:0Michy (michymouse)12:13
M0bi the Clown (m0bitz)6:11Ari.force (ariga10)5:15
Jumbo (LordBerk)6:1Summer $ (syama)2:7
Bozo the Clown5:1Shinku (gazu)1:5
Ho Jangles (stinger)1:3  
Bingo (parson)0:5  
Game 3: Flag Rally on Cracks in the Cloudspine  29-12
Cirque du Soulblighter .force 
Ho Jangles (stinger)2:10K.Take (ktake)10:11
3 balls the clown (genericmp)23:6Michy (michymouse)13:19
Bozo the Clown9:8Ari.force (ariga10)7:15
Bingo (parson)9:3Shinku (gazu)4:9
Mr. Top Hat (balefire)7:1Summer $ (syama)4:7
M0bi the Clown (m0bitz)5:9  
Chuckles (Kaltorak)3:2  
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