Match 2T03 - Top Bracket
DIRECT EFFECT defeats Team Name 27-18
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Game 1: Captures on Fosgarach Ruillick  8-0
Game 2: Captures on Fosgarach Ruillick  8-0
Game 3: Capture the Flag on Caer Cadarn (Trow)  5-0
Team NamekldDIRECT EFFECTkld
untaîns' Prøtectør (conradbirdie)2812223T H O R            Elite (universal7)11585
Ruin (Ruin)1915250Ratking (Ratking)2216173
Asharak (Asharak)12991R a w  r           (oldschool)125111
Shift,. > (  >~~   < < -< (wesley)87170Gardener Willie (wlll3)715124
Seeker (dbseeker)4874*     X    * (xxxx)41089
Myrch             ·BoB· (myrch)199·Evi£ Jake· (soulkeeper)XXX
Slinx (JSunstar)1131    
Stats marked by 'X' signify that a player dropped during play.
Game 4: Stampede on Krakatoa (light)  8-0
DIRECT EFFECTkldTeam Namekld
T H O R            Elite (universal7)91531Seeker (dbseeker)013-20
Ratking (Ratking)141352Ruin (Ruin)194103
·Evi£ Jake· (soulkeeper)111670untaîns' Prøtectør (conradbirdie)191216
R a w  r           (oldschool)81244Asharak (Asharak)161178
*     X    * (xxxx)1821Myrch             ·BoB· (myrch)11858
Gardener Willie (wlll3)1710Slinx (JSunstar)21530
Game 5: Flag Rally on Smells like Blood in Here  11-5
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