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Threat Assessment
Ageha is a Japanese order/team that is a few years old now. They entered the mwc scene for the first time back in mwc2004 without much success. They got cornholed pretty badly by most teams and finished 28th out of the 36 in the tournament. In mwc05 they did a bit better I believe. They might do relatively well this time, since they have been quite active. Unfortunately I haven't really noticed much improvement, so they will probably not finish close to top 10. They might win a few games vs the weaker teams in this tournament.

Post QR update: Ageha did abit better than most people were expecting. They were stuck in a tough bracket and managed beat DM in a close match, but the real surprise was that they managed to snag a game from both NFDF and Tnam. They have shown that they have improved since their first MWC entry in mwc04. However, I don't think they can make a close top10 finish.

Update DE2: Well, they surely are beginning to look like the dark horse team for this tournament. Aside from a rather good QR performance, they now managed to snag away two games from BME. Regardless of what you may think about how much that actually means, it does mean something. Age did better vs BME than Bia did in the seeding match! They can make it to Top10 if the Chun is powerful enough. They're gonna need some luck too for that though.

Summary: Ageha is still known as "the other" Japanese team. However, that is not such a bad thing really. Ageha performed alot better this year than they did in the two previous mwc's. They finished 16th this year after performing rather well in some matches. They beat the weaker teams like MA and DM quite easily and then managed to put up a fight against teams like BME and Tnam. Perhaps they can try nudging in closer to the top10 next year, if there is an mwc next year.This team has received 9 betting pool "votes".
Team Roster
Ginga (minaginga)ape               @ge (ape)KaO (kaokao)terry the kid (terrythekid)hiropon (hiropon)KABUKI (kabuki)Josuiken (Ghoti)Hades (Hades)chimige (chimige)
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:16
QR Pool:Mauriac
QR Exit Seed:17
QR Diff Avg:-6.33
Points Scored:125
Points Allowed:152
Avg Point Diff:-3.86
Team Kills:1012
Damage Done:8670
Damage Taken:9432
Frequent Captains
terry the kid (terrythekid)W/T/L: 7/0/7Captained: 14Ginga (minaginga)W/T/L: 3/1/6Captained: 10ape               @ge (ape)W/T/L: 3/0/0Captained: 3
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