Marmotas Assassinas
Contact: fidelix

Next Match: Next match time not yet available.
Inglês ao pé da letra :D
This year there's nothing for anyone! If it's not the Myth World Cup, it will be the Soccer Cup! We're  Brazilians and don't give up ever! And one more thing...
You will have to swallow us!

Este ano não vai ter para ninguém. Se não for a Copa do mundo de Myth, será a Copa do Mundo de Futebol!  Sou brasileiro e não desisto nunca! E mais uma coisa...
Você vai ter que me engoliiir!  Zagalooo :D
Threat Assessment
This Brazilian team is formed by the core players from the old Brazilian team called "Knights of Camelot". KoC was a team that was slightly below average. They are mostly remember by the stunt they pulled in mwc2001. They beat Np in one game in the QR. I believe that says enough about that team. Along side with the old KoC players, this team has some newever Brazilian players. This team has alot of players that are... well, not so very good. They have been quite active however, so they might not end up being a punching bag. I don't think they will finish anywhere near top 10 though.

Post QR update: Their showing was within the lines of my original assessment. They wont make it past DE2 unless they pump up their play.

Summary: These Brazilians would have needed THOR to be with them I think. MA managed to lose all of their matches. They even got man handled by Gru. Not really a good performance from them in this tournament, but perhaps they'll do better next year.This team has received 12 betting pool "votes".
Team Roster
fidelix (edhunter)Ravengard (carlos)Hamurabi (bieithons)Morgoth (limones)Thorgrim (leandroadorn)Dark Rain (DarkChuva)LordSpawn (Mandelli)Marcølin (Marcolin)Lancelot (tulio)F e l i p e (lct)Arsenal (pacer)slit (slit2)thorzinho (helcinhobj)Samurai Vesgo (vacaunifei)
Match Results
Bye Week 40-0
Team Statistics
Current Rank:21
QR Pool:Bonesplitter
QR Exit Seed:22
QR Diff Avg:-16.00
Points Scored:83
Points Allowed:142
Avg Point Diff:-9.83
Team Kills:416
Damage Done:3810
Damage Taken:5876
Frequent Captains
Ravengard (carlos)W/T/L: 0/0/7Captained: 7fidelix (edhunter)W/T/L: 0/0/4Captained: 4slit (slit2)W/T/L: 0/0/3Captained: 3
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