United Mythers
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We are just a bunch of fools trying to win MWC 06. Basically we want to play in MWC but aren't good enough to be picked by other teams. We are the underdog, and no one wants to lose to the underdog; it would be really embarrasing to lose to us!
Threat Assessment
I'm gonna say more once they add some players. With just three people they're gonna go dooooowwwnnn.

Update: Ok five players now, still not looking too good. These people are not newbies though.

Post QR update: Quit forfeiting, bastids.This team has received 8 betting pool "votes".
Match Results
Team Statistics
Current Rank:28
QR Pool:Warbla
QR Exit Seed:28
QR Diff Avg:-25.00
Points Scored:6
Points Allowed:92
Avg Point Diff:-28.67
Team Kills:89
Damage Done:799
Damage Taken:1579
Frequent Captains
Organ Donor (organdonor)W/T/L: 0/0/3Captained: 3
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