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Player Statistics
Games Attended:28
Record (W/T/L):13/2/13
Games Captained:5
Record (W/T/L):3/0/2
Kills - Losses:217-169
Best Game:28-0
Bet Pool Accur:15.3
Bet Pool Total:206
Bet Pool Rank:154th

St. Joan

Fear my Mood!! Login: AntyMyth
Real Name: Maid of Orleans
Location: Orleans

Favorite Map: Dead of Winter, Creep & Keep
Favorite Game: Territories or Capture the Flag
Favorite Unit: All Regular Myth Units
I have been playing Myth for a long time, however have never been in a major tournament simply because I am not that competitive.  I am an extremely active player however, and have one of the best hosts on  I have been told that only one other guy has a ping better than mine, unfortunately he is a WW2 player.  Orleans often has provided quiet surrounds for recovering WW2 players who have seen the light and wish to be rehabilitated back into regular myth, although we tease them quite frequently.  My host is called Orleans and all of the players in this team are regular players in my host.  I do not particularly like conversions because I happen to like regular Myth Units although I do like, however, TFL converted maps and play them quite often.  I rather tire of the same kind of games repeatedly, so we play many 3rd party maps and I like to play around with different units.  My host is known for being a "different" sort of place and we play large two team games all the time.  We are always open for max players and regardless of your order or rank you are always welcome in my games.  For more information on Orleans and related projects visit our website at <a href=""></a>
   St. Joan
Threat Assessment:
St. Joan is a fairly erratic player, her skills being almost dependent on her mood.  She is most skilled in light artillery and should probably be approached with some caution when she is in control of said artillery.
Build time: 7ms