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Player Statistics
Games Attended:19
Record (W/T/L):5/0/14
Games Captained:1
Record (W/T/L):0/0/1
Kills - Losses:83-125
Best Game:21-0
Bet Pool Accur:N/A
Bet Pool Total:N/A
Bet Pool Rank:N/A


Just call me Frothy, k? Login: entrowpy
Real Name: Mooseboi
Location: a permanent state of confusion

Favorite Map: Venice
Favorite Game: koth or assassin
Favorite Unit: a dead enemy one
Recruited for his mad pusing skillz, Herr Moose will bring the paralyzing smack down upon your poor li'l noggins both when you are and aren't expecting it.  In fact, expect all pus all the time.  Except when he's busy dorfing the bejeezus out of your thrall.  Or when he forgets he's playing myth because he's really too damn senile to play anymore.
Threat Assessment:
We do not know much about this player, but expect an update.
Build time: 6ms