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Player Statistics
Games Attended:30
Record (W/T/L):21/0/9
Games Captained:13
Record (W/T/L):12/0/1
Kills - Losses:282-127
Best Game:43-6
Bet Pool Accur:4.5
Bet Pool Total:90
Bet Pool Rank:29th


It takes a lot of dedication to be this bad Login: serval
Real Name: Justin
Location: Burlington, VT

Favorite Map: Willow Creek
Favorite Game: Ghast Killin'
Favorite Unit: Dwarf
Tourney           My Proformance

TBT             - sucked eggs
SiS2            - sucked slightly less then v00
NML2            - sucked bog water
MLM2            - sucked like a $2 h00r
MWC2k           - sucked and choked
LoO, lego arena - OWNED ALL
SiS1            - sucked popcicles
NML1            - sucked BADLY  :(((
MWC99           - sucked azz

ph33r me plz
This tourney is played on lego arena right?!?!?!
Threat Assessment:
Serval, with roots back into the early days of myth, knows what it's like to come out on top. Hanging with Gore, he's since improved upon strategies he's learned over the years to give ci an incredible captaining advantage.

Oh yeah, he also knows how to actually use the units. Fuckin' A, man.
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