Player Statistics
Games Attended:26
Record (W/T/L):17/0/9
Games Captained:15
Record (W/T/L):10/0/5
Kills - Losses:275-213
Best Game:21-0
Damage / Game:94
Best Game:266
Bet Pool Accur:N/A
Bet Pool Total:N/A
Bet Pool Rank:N/A
untaîns' Prøtectør
Login: conradbirdie
Team: Team Name
Real Name:

Favorite Map:
Favorite Game:
Favorite Unit:
None submitted.
Threat Assessment - Grim
I don't like Akira, so I'm just gonna let THOR rate him:

THOR Ta:  for who sees AKIRA to play, stop to be at a circus.
Threat Assessment - Dantski
Akira is a decent player. I doubt he'll be an important player for this team, but should do well in smaller roles or versus weak opponents
Threat Assessment - tiger
Akira is has been inactive for a long time, but it won't take long for a good as player as he to shake off the rust. He should be the best player on Team Name.
Threat Assessment - Wight Slayer
Akira has had a lot more success at FFA than in past MWCs.  He is a very good player though with excellent unit skills.  As long as his cap makes sure to spell out his role carefully, he'll do wonderfully.
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