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Double Elimination After the Qualifying Round has concluded, 32 teams will be eliminated from the tournament and 64 will advance to the Double Elimination round. The Double Elimination round is more complicated than the Qualifying Round, so please read these rules carefully!

The Top Bracket
All teams begin the DE in the top bracket. At this point, all teams will be seeded 1-64 based on the QR performance (see here for more details regarding seeding), and two teams will be matched up against one another based on seed. The top seeded team will play #64, #2 will play #63, etc. After the first Double Elimination round, no teams will be removed from the tournament. Instead, any teams that lose a match in the top bracket will be moved to the bottom bracket.

Teams in the Top Bracket will play one match per week. Each match will consist of five games. The first two games for each week will be played twice, and the last two games will be played once. Therefore, if the maps for a round were Body Count on Trow, Last Man on Desert, and Territories on Winter, top bracket teams would play BC Trow - BC Trow- Last Man Desert- Last Man Desert- Terries Winter. Again, since match outcomes are determined by score, the order in which the games are played does matter. Please play them in the order they are listed on the page. Teams may not play games out of order, even if both captains agree.

The Bottom Bracket
As someone so accurately pointed out, the Bottom Bracket is "twice the work for half the pay". Matches in the bottom bracket are divided up into two types: Elimination and Winnowing. Teams in the bottom bracket must play TWO matches each week - one Elimination and one Winnowing - to halve their numbers each week and keep pace with the top bracket. You won't have to worry about the difference between Elimination and Winnowing; all you need to know is that if you lose any bottom bracket match, you will be eliminated from the tournament!

Bottom Bracket teams play two matches each week, and each match is three games long. Bottom Bracket teams play the same maps and games as top bracket teams, except bottom bracket teams play each map only once. Again, the order in which games are played still matters.

Once all seven DE rounds have concluded, the two remaining teams will compete in the Grand Final.