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Allied Scoring Allied games are meant to add a twist to normal team play, and to test team communication skills. A team will split up into either two or three sub-squads (the number of teams will depend on the map in question; if the map has 4 start locations, each team will split into two squads, for example), and when the game commences, sub-squads of the same team will ally with one another for the duration of the game. Allied squads do NOT need to worry about beating each other, as scoring is cumulative. Allied squads need only beat their opponents' squads.

Unless otherwise specifically stated, allied game settings for MWC2K1 will be:
  • Game Title: should include 'MWC2K1' and the names of the two teams.
  • No Password.
  • Normal Difficulty.
  • Player Limit: 16.
  • Planning Time Enabled, 3:00
  • Unit Trading Enabled.
  • Server Observer: This is left to the discretion of the host. If the host is a neutral host (i.e. not playing in the game) and they do not turn on the Server Observer flag then they must remain silent about all matters related to the game. They may still talk about irregularities and problems (e.g. whether a game should be restarted), however.
  • Show Enemy On Map (unless the game is Blind).
  • No Veteran Units.
  • Alliances On
  • Teams Enabled.
  • Max Teams: 4 or 6, depending on which map is being played. Consult the Maps by Round page for a full games listing.
Flag Rally (8)
All allied games of Flag Rally on maps with 8 flags (e.g. The Untamed Lands) will be scored as follows:
  • Each team receives 1 point for each flag tagged by the end of the game.
  • The team that wins the game according to the postgame stats receives 5 bonus points. The team that finishes second according to the postgame stats will receive 3 bonus points, and the team that finishes third will receive 1 bonus point. If, according to postgame stats, two squads from different teams are tied for first, second, or third,, whichever squad inflicted more damage will be awarded the higher bonus. Ties between squads from the same team do not matter.
  • At the end of the game, scores for squads of the same team will be added together to determine the scoring for that game. Hence, if Team 1 split into Squad A and Squad B for the game, Squad A's score and Squad B's score would be added together to determine the team's overall score. Squads will only receive points for flags that their own squad tagged; therefore is Squad A tags 6 flags and Squad B tags only 2, Squad B will only receive two points. Further, if both squads tag all 8 flags, the team receives 16 points.
The maximum realistic difference possible in an allied 8-flag Flag Rally game is 15.
The average difference should be 6-10.