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Playing the Games
Please refer to the Scheduling page to learn when your matches are to be played.

Once your match has concluded, the winning team must either send us the films from the match, or preferably upload them with our specially designed script. Teams who do not submit their films by midnight central on the Wednesday after fallback will be penalized 10 points per day late, to a maximum of the value of the missing games. If you have some but not all films, submit what you have by email to avoid excessive penalty.

Each team may only have 7 players in a game at one time. Not just on a team, but in the game - teams may not have an 8th player as a "neutral observer". Also, do not load more than 7 players into a game while you wait for your team captain to choose his seven for that game. It's rude, annoying, and it keeps the other team from being able to have all their members present. Please choose your team's players either during practices, or in the lobby before the game.

If, during the course of your match, there is a dispute over the rules, please find an MWC official immediately! At least one official will always be available either on or Sam Stone Hotline (RIP). Please consult one of us, instead of getting into a heated argument with the other team that will only delay your match.

Changes to a team's roster may only be made during the first three rounds of the Qualifying Round, and must be made 24 hours before your next match is to be played.