Match 3T00 - Top Bracket
ThunderCox defeats Myth Blooper Allstars 44-23
Reviewed by Enculator (click name to read)
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Review by Enculator - Overview
I'm a bit late with this review but I didn't have enough free time to finish it !

Match overview is something like that :

MBA takes the match very seriously, has strats for evry single game and knows exactly what units to take.

On the other hand, TcoxNpMerger doesn't give a shit, does funzy strategies, and wins the game.

Last but not least, the match is also interesting if you're looking for more post excuses to add in your notebook.
Game 1 - Flag Rally on Hvergelmir (light) x2
Overhead map :
map1.giftcox blue - mba black

There is some interesting pt talk in the tcox team. Indeed, Zer, as a good 4chan addict, likes incest. MBA only gives boring orders :
ptgame1.JPGincest is cool

Tcox is south, MBA is north.

Captain tirri likes thralls and melee:
tcoxtradegame1.jpgTcox  UT

Captain Rodek1ll likes em just a bit less :
mbatradegame1.JPGMBA trade

The game starts with rab and paris going north with a lot of thralls, some arcs, 2 dwarves and 2 ghols.
ota and tirri are mid with arcs thralls, some puss n melee.
Rest is rushing south with evrything else.

MBA sends an Alk/Fool melee rush north, Ether and lil rascal are south with some defence, rest is mid.
Rodek1ll as a good THOR follower keeps 33% of the units.

Ota steals mid roots which always kills the opponent team moral.

After 3 minutes ingame, the action begins with tcox rush starting to crush MBA brave south.
game11.JPGThe action starts

The same thing happens on the other side of the map with MBA rushing Tcox.

MBA mid does nothing, Tcox mid goes to help their N (also Ota leaves mid flag totally free, but no one tags it, MBA mid is way too busy at doing nothing).
game1flag.jpgtag me

Paris dwarf decides to bring some of his fellows in heaven :
game1paris.jpgI'm ded lol

A bit later, Fool's "last hope" puss ghol fails horribly (it duds), Asmo bitches about it, thinking that throwing the puss would have changed the dud factor.
Then, Fool gives us a good post excuse :
game1postexcuse.jpgBut it's my son !!

So, Tcox countered the rush with mid help, MBA didn't counter it even if they offered some brave resistance. Tcox rush finishes the dirty work :
Tcox 8 flags, MBA 5 flags.
Game 2 - Flag Rally on Hvergelmir (light) x2
Overhead map :
map2.giftcox blue - mba black

The game seems to take a loooong time, after 50 minutes since the begining, game 2 starts. Fool left and, according to pt talk, THOR has been seen but also left (he went dummying for his son in Marmotas Assassinas).

Until now, Tcox decides to stop caring. MBA still tries !
Starting location are the same.

Tirri's trade :
tcoxtradegame2.jpgArchers are gay

Rode's trade :
mbatradegame2.JPGI luv archers

This is Tcox strat :
game2start.jpgevryone south except rab (he defends both north and mid, mazz VI style) and tirri (he is south and north, mazz VI style)

MBA strat is the same as last game, without Fool with moar arcs and with Rode keeping 1/3 of the units. Thor, get out of this body.

So :
South is rushing and killing, Paris talks too much and auto puss an ennemy ghol.
Meanwhile, tcox n is rushed, will they hold the lines ??? (mid is static of course)

Tirri dorf dies horribly (MBA decides to take the tirri threat with seriousness : 3 puss to kill his dwarf), rab decides to back up and to stall the ennemy.
LilRascal wastes a lot of time killing useless units.

Tcox rush killed evrything, and at 6 mins left, both team have victory imminent.

Lets take a look at the remaining flags :

game2flagmba.jpgMBA's Flag

game2flagtcox.jpgTcox's flag

Yeah... Tcox wins

Oh and, the game 2 post excuse award is given to... Roedk1ll !
Game 3 - Body Count on Mjilaphobia
Overhead map :
map3.giftcox blue - mba red

Thor and Fool are back.

Tirri's trade :
tcoxtradegame3.jpgnote for later, no wights

Rode's trade :

pt talk is something like : ubber strat talk for MBA, and the other team bitching about tirri's trade.
Shortly after the game start Zer leaves.

The rest of the game is : ota loses all his units, gives a nice damage lead to mba, and produces a post excuse :
game3postexcuse.jpgVision in tunnel ?

Then MBA doesn't understand how point works on this (note the wight fear, they will zap deep water all game long) :

game3stratmba.jpg10% left = 1 point, so camping with a damage lead is stupid, you have to kill ennemies if you want a big score difference

MBA wins 7-4 whoa.
game3endgame.jpgA big victory
Game 4 - Capture the Flag on Calm Before the Storm
Overhead map :
map4.giftcox dark blue - mba red

Ether leaves because he "doesn't like snow".
Rode starts to be really pissed at his team.

Rabican's trade :
tcoxtradegame4.jpgIn thralls we trust

Rode's trade :
mbatradegame4.JPGDorfs don't dud

We'll be short, because it was short :
Tcox strat is :
Zergrush13pl.gifZERG RUSH KEKEKE

MBA strat is : we split equal flank and die.

Yeah because, to sum up the game, tirri kills evrything south :
game42.jpgMore kills than the whole ennemy team :(

Meanwhile, MBA's mid is thrall rushed and dies.

game41.jpgSome interesting comments about the disaster

Tcox takes the flag with 65% left

P.s : THOR, despite the language barrier, is crowned post excuse master
game4postexcuse.jpgTHOR  ~I ll blame the color
Game 5 - Assassin on Ravaged Earth
Overhead map :
map5.giftcox pink - mba black

Zer trades and then decides to leave.
Ether leaves or crashes during pt. Lil rascal crashes shortly after the game starts.
Yeah... Not worth commenting this game ! Both teams are confused, Tcox kills ennemy target dummies, while Rode starts crying.
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