Myth Blooper Allstars
Contact: RodeKi11

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Threat Assessment
This team is scary for the other four trow teams for several reasons.

A) They have THOR and a roster full of people who are terrified of THOR so they will listen to his commands.

B) They have a decent roster.

C) They will have a full roster at every game.

D) They have the support of me (Stampy the Great).

Their third and final QR match is against ABS. How they do there will probably be a reflection on the rest of their tournament success even if it is only the QR. I expect good and hillus things from this team.

QR3 Update : MBA crushed it's weaker opponents and  managed to take a game from ABS! They snagged the #8 spot and are rewarded with a bye week. Next week they will most likely play supreme, which should prove to be rather interesting games for them, let's hope the BYE week doesn't deteriorate them too much.This team has received 212 betting pool "votes".
Match Results
Bye Week 40-0
Team Statistics
Current Rank:6
QR Pool:Acerus Malum
QR Exit Seed:8
QR Diff Avg:11.33
Points Scored:224
Points Allowed:126
Avg Point Diff:10.89
Team Kills:1450
Damage Done:12645
Damage Taken:10680
Frequent Captains
RodeKi11 (RodeKi11)W/T/L: 6/2/7Captained: 15THOR (universal7)W/T/L: 7/0/5Captained: 12Dark Angel (pingpongda)W/T/L: 4/0/0Captained: 4
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