PM goes down, Marius net up and running - nitroTue, Oct 02, 2007
Playmyth has finally been taken down after weeks of uncertainty. Most of the community has already moved to Marius net so if you find yourself unable to connect to PM, dont give up! Try mariusnet instead!
Official Ending - nitroSun, Sep 16, 2007
Thundercox has just received the remaining $500 of the prize. Thanks to both ducky and tiger for sponsoring this years tournament.

And with that, the tournament has now officially ended. Thanks to everyone who played and helped out.
ThunderCox Win MWC2007! - t o x y nSun, Aug 26, 2007
After quite a long set of games, our champions for this year have been decided. The challengers, The 12 Tasks, made a strong showing as they defeated TCox in the initial 7-game series to force sudden death. ThunderCox rebounded strong, however, and won the first two games in sudden death to claim the MWC07 title and the $1000 prize!

Congrats to our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated/played/contributed!

GGs all!!
Maps this week...
The Dark Canyon Territories 12m
Fosgarach Rullick Stampede 14m
Twister (4Teams Dark) Territories 12m
Hvergelmir (Shadow) Flag Rally 12m
Desert Between Your Ears Capture the Flag 14m
Raisin Barn (team) Territories 12m
The Barrens (Beer & Mud) Flag Rally 12m
Recent Results...
8T00tcox vs 1212-5
7T0012 vs tcox34-18
6E0012 vs ABS33-27
5W0012 vs CKCCS25-14
5T00tcox vs ABS29-16
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