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Anal Bleachers (ABS)Myth Blooper Allstars (MBA)
mental (mental)Marmotas Assassinas (MA)
Andvari (click for more info)
12 Tasks (12)Elfoids Newb Army (TFS)
The Furious Gypsies (gypo)Northern Plaid Civil Fellowship of Rohan (LOLMWC)
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The Syndicate (Syn)Assorted Superhero Squad (ASS)
Twisted Brotherhood (TBH)Order of H'Pak (OoH)
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CobraKongCommandos: Castlefight Series (CKCCS)Wacky Delly (wd)
Real Men Alliance (rma)Monkey Island Cannibals (MIC)
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ThunderCox (tcox)Ancrik (crik)
Mauriac (click for more info)
Wu Tang Clan (WTC)Supreme (S)
The Nine (IX)Tank CLan (TC)
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