Match 4T01 - Top Bracket
ThunderCox defeats The F'ing Sorcerers 17-13
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Game 1: Capture the Flag on Hvergelmir (light)  6-0
Game 2: Capture the Flag on Hvergelmir (light)  5-0
Game 3: Captures on Keep Across the River (TFL-Dark)  7-0
ThunderCoxkldThe F'ing Sorcererskld
Stormrider (yodacat)8228EastWind (Akira1)7516
paris (golden_god)12279wwo                 «fs» (phordicus)131255
Zer (tukan18)103205Raziel (Raziel)7986
Clank (clank)76139myrk (myrkridon)6784
Flatline (Flatline)72040tiger (tiger)41426
qwerty (ytrewq)7219Kugar (Kugar)23123
Cave (bram)5752Verminix (UTWeather)2787
Game 4: Territories on Tamaerlin (light)  7-0
Game 5: Last Man on the Hill on Like Driving on Railroad Tracks  5-0
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