Player Statistics
Games Attended:33
Record (W/T/L):23/0/10
Games Captained:0
Record (W/T/L)://
Kills - Losses:246-144
Best Game:27-5
Damage / Game:70
Best Game:188
Bet Pool Accur:2.4
Bet Pool Total:43
Bet Pool Rank:49th
hopeless, a single word that you would not expect from meLogin: golden_god
Team: ThunderCox
Real Name: Phil
Location: Uxbridge Massachusetts

Favorite Map: A Poison Holiday
Favorite Game: Flag Rally
Favorite Unit: Forest Giant


guitargoddsjm: hahahahah, i read your threat assessment.
guitargoddsjm: lollerskates.
CovenantSnpr: LOL
guitargoddsjm: hahaha, seriusly
guitargoddsjm: hillarious stuff
guitargoddsjm: "paris is the fastest ingame spammer at this moment."
guitargoddsjm: probably the best line ever

i'm not underrated anymore cuz at the beggining i had all 2 balls
except from tiger

hoooray tiger

finals killed my wightymeter!

damn you tirri and grim combo! damn you!
Threat Assessment - Grim
Paris is a high two baller. He should probably worthy for low three balls, but he will probably complain about lag and spam because of it too much. He will propbably outspam you in the forum anyway, and then actually call creme and tell him about it.

THOR Ta: 3 balls, because: he is really virgim, all know, in the last year many speculate of your sexuality, some people already speak to him to be gay, or also three organs sexual or be: 2 normal balls and a great ball in the place of the penises.
Threat Assessment - Dantski
paris is the fastest ingame spammer at this moment.

His playing skills are pretty average, he could be a pretty good player, but immaturity and a readiness to suicide, and yell 'LAGGGGG' a thousand times, makes him extremely lame

edit - he's still lame, but has done well so far
Threat Assessment - tiger
Paris is Myth's resident "yawper." He tends to open his mouth and emit raucous bullshit. Most of it, incredibly, happens to be pretty funny. Now that he's hit puberty, Paris has begun his maturation process on and off the Myth playing field. He's not a bad guy to have on your team - as long as you muzzle him before the game commences. Although he wavers on the brink of a high two, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and counting Paris as a three.
Threat Assessment - Wight Slayer
Only been on the scene as a notable player for a little while now.  I'll keep a close eye on him.

Update: He's been kicking ass.  Upgraded to 4.
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