Grand Prize
The winning team this year will receive US $1000. They may divide it up however they like.

Big thanks go out to Tiger and THOR for providing this prize money.
Betting Pool
This prize is for the player with the best betting pool accuracy. This is calculated by finding the rank you assigned to your 8 teams, comparing with their final rankings, and averaging the difference.

The prize will be $50.
This prize is for the player with the best weighted kill/loss ratios. The actual calculation is complex and popularly known as your Wightyscore. Rest assured, kill things and don't die, and your score will improve.

The prize will be $50.
Best Articles
We've decided to give out three prizes for articles this year, to encourage you to get writing.

These prizes are for the individuals who submit the best three articles or reviews. You need not participate in the tournament to submit a winning article. Winners will be determined by a forum poll at the end of the tournament.

The prizes will be $50 for first place, $30 for second place, and $20 for third place.
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