Volunteer for Myth World Cup 2006
So, you'd like to lend a hand? Here's a listing of all the jobs that we're going to need help with. Choose one that's appropriate for your time and effort commitment level, and email the MWC Staff to apply.

Myth World Cup 2006 will consume most of the summer, so keep that in mind as you think about your free time.
Neutral Hosts
This one is pretty self explanatory, if you've got an excellent host that people rarely complain on, and you're willing to host matches, let us know, and upon advance request from team captains, we'll ask if you can host a match at a specific time. We also might grab you online if you're around, or you can give us an IM identity and we'll contact you there.
Match Reporters / Scorers
As a match reporter, you will download films from recent matches, watch them, and input the statistics into our specially designed script. No HTML or technical knowledge required, but you'll have to be able to take down numbers and enter them with few errors.

We need approximately 8 match reporters, workload should be around 1 to 2 hours per week, or more if you waste time watching the films! :)
Spotlight Matches
Whoever is in charge of the spotlight matches will write up a column every week talking about the upcoming matches that will be most exciting, along with some good natured ribbing and some predictions.
Team of the Week
Once after the QR, and every round for a few rounds into the DE, this columnist will pick one team who played exceptionally well, defeated a highly skilled opponent, or displayed amazing strategy. He'll then write about them and their match, and explain why they deserve the honor.
Blunder of the Week
Once after the QR, and every round for a few rounds into the DE, this columnist will pick a match where a team fell short of expections, displayed an amazing lack of myth 2 soulblighter skills, or just pissed him off. He'll then rip them to shreds and put their entrails on display for the rest of us.

A sense of humour is an absolute requirement for this column, nobody wants to read a bunch of venom unless it makes them laugh. Hard.
Other Columnists
We'll also be accepting columns on other topics, in fact anything related to Myth or even gaming in general is fair game. If you have something to say, get an idea, or just need to rant and you can do it eloquently, you'll be able to submit a non-feature column anytime you like.

Furthermore, if you're interested in writing a weekly featured article that is not listed above, we're all ears. In MWC2001 we accepted M.Bison's request to do Ego of the Week, and Wizziwand's to do Chicken Soup for the Ghol, and both columns were great successes. We're definitely open to anything you suggest.

You'll improve your chances greatly if you remember the true identity of Wizziwand!
Film Reviewers
Arguably one of the most important jobs in the MWC, and also comes with no long-term commitment! If you'd like to contribute a film review, just download films from one of the played matches, and write up some commentary on the gameplay for our audience.

This year we're bringing back review claiming, but with severe limitations. Your claim to a review only lasts 4 hours, so you'll need to be working on it the same night you claim it. Also, the claim is only advisory, so if someone decides they would like to review the match even though you're doing it too, the match will end up with 2 reviews. This is fine, but we do encourage you not to pile up on a certain match. Everybody likes to see their matches reviewed, and having 2 doesn't really add much value.

There won't be any hoops to jump through, no Head Reviewer, Editor, or anything. However, there may be an authorized editor who cleans up your work after your submission.
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