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MWC07 - lil Rascal
Player Statistics
Games Attended:32
Record (W/T/L):20/2/10
Games Captained:0
Record (W/T/L)://
Kills - Losses:228-141
Best Game:33-3
Damage / Game:61
Best Game:234
Bet Pool Accur:N/A
Bet Pool Total:N/A
lil Rascal
Login: rockna
Marius Login:
Team: Myth Blooper Allstars
Real Name:

Favorite Map:
Favorite Game:
Favorite Unit:
None submitted.
Threat Assessment - one meeeeleeyun zombles!ยก
I really don't know about you. Wouldn't trust you alone with either of my sisters.
Threat Assessment -  Sgt. STARPOWER WIN''DIESEL''
I don't think lil gets the respect he deserves. He excels at dark maps, and is more of an arty guy, rather than a rush player. His unit specialist abilites will be put to good use by this team, and I expect him to pull some nice ratios. Mid to high 3 balls.
Threat Assessment - penos
lil rascal is pretty good with warlocks and follows dark angel around a lot. he also has a nice color scheme and isn't that bad, and though i've seen his name online lately rust has taken its effect on him.

a mid 2, looking for a raise.
Threat Assessment - Nemean Lion
lil is a pretty good player, but not among this team's best.  He'll do a solid job as a role player, though.
Threat Assessment - grim
Rascal is usually pretty quiet, which is odd, given his name. He is a surprisingly stable player who doesn't blunder all too much. He's not really a heavy hitter though. Low three.
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