Player Statistics
Games Attended:12
Record (W/T/L):8/0/4
Games Captained:0
Record (W/T/L)://
Kills - Losses:87-99
Best Game:12-1
Damage / Game:65
Best Game:225
Bet Pool Accur:3.3
Bet Pool Total:50
Bet Pool Rank:78th
The second mouse gets the cheeseLogin: orlandotheaxe
Team: Team Name
Real Name: TimTheSloth
Location: CA

Favorite Map: topigraphical
Favorite Game: Myth 2
Favorite Unit: metric tonne
I've played in MWCs with tLP, Metallicats, the cult and PoOp. The Second Mouse (RocketDive, me, Se7en) finished 5th place overall in FoC2 despite being predicted to be eliminated every round of the tournament by Blade. I am in Project Magma and I make maps from time to time. I am co-owner of my own clothing company called Red Tide Clothing ( and I play bass in a band called Melochromatic
I also do graphic and web design.

Threat Assessment:
This team sports the most appropriate name in this tournament, considering the nature of most free-for-all interactions.  Despite that, Orlando is a mid-level player and will have to acquire a strong teammate to advance beyond round 3.


Post QR Update
Rocket Dive is indeed a strong teammate, and I believe they're going to add Zaramis as well.  This team is looking a lot better.  Round 4 is likely and 5 a possibility.

Post Round 3 Update
It would be an upset if this team were to make round 5, they will need some luck.

Post Round 4 Update
Add this to the list of the 40 or so teams that proved me wrong, these three are proving to have good team chemistry which has carried them into round 5, but it would most certainly be an upset if they made the finals.

Post Round 5 Update
Well we have most certainly witnessed an upset, these three made it to the finals over ABW and Cunts, which I definitely did not see coming. They've managed to use damage scoring quite well and they all seem to know where to be and what to do in any given situation. Hell, if truth can win opop, these three can win foc2.
Threat Assessment - Grim
Ota has alot of mcp stored up. He hasn't been that active lately, but has been playing on and off in the past few years. He should be a good role player.*

*I don't mean that in the WoW sense.
Threat Assessment - Dantski
OtA isn't a particularly powerful player, he is someone who can take smaller roles and generally not suicide too much.

Low 3
Threat Assessment - tiger
EDITED TA: After watching OTA do two 1v1 matches, I can confidently say my initial rating of high two balls is extraordinarily wrong. OTA was so pathetic that it was alarming. I really have not seen such sloppy, horrible, awful play in my entire life - and certainly not from a Myth "veteran." It was sad to see him completely unable to multitask, unable to get the proper unit sets, unable to kill a solitary dwarf down the hill in cracks with 10 archers and 3 of his own dwarves. There's a chance, I guess, that OTA was distracted at the time by having sex with small children. As a result, I won't change his official ball rating, but he's clearly dropped from a high two to the lowest two imaginable.
Threat Assessment - Wight Slayer
For a long time I thought of OtA as a 2 ball talent, but in foc2 I believe he showed the capability for 4 ball play.  It was only a couple performances in a short period though, and all of my 4 ballers have proven it time and again, so I'll go with 3 for now.
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