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god cops
Login: assassinx
Team: ThunderCox
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Threat Assessment - Grim
God cops has won like 16 different invitational tournaments. He is possibly the best player of all time and is a true myth icon. You all envy him.

Too bad he is banned though.
Threat Assessment - Dantski
Was banned last year and will only be playing if he gets another account or the team plays TCP.IP

A roleplayer for this team, he's not awful but unlikely to win any games (despite what he might claim).
Threat Assessment - tiger
God Cops is back - and with a vengeance. A Myth legend, God Cops is one of the top bridgers in Myth history. However, his skills don't end there: he's the best there is at micromanagement, particularly with fetch. That's not to say he can't trow, arch, or melee: this man is capable of doing anything except losing. He's very bad at losing.

He has won more MVP awards than any player in Myth history. Neither tirri nor Myrkridon has won as many tournaments as this guy. More importantly, God Cops is the Chairman of Myth Industry (and owner of F.Communications, a Japanese corporation) and all relevant boards.

He is also the Maker and Keeper of the Tier Listâ„¢. He sets the standards and is one of very few people capable of promoting others up the list if they deserve it - or throwing them to the bottom if they don't respect his power.

God Cops is the pre-eminent advocate for Veteran Rights on and the only Fortune 500 CEO ever to play on He is the keeper of God's Corner and the legitimate owner of Tyrone, a large black man that will crack your head if you disobey.
Threat Assessment - Wight Slayer
god cops is banned, and if he makes his way back on, I give him 10 minutes before PMABlades finds out.  I'm betting that PMABlades has some kind of alarm set up that wakes him up in the middle of the night when god cops tries to make a dummy account.
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