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Player Statistics
Games Attended:24
Record (W/T/L):16/1/7
Games Captained:3
Record (W/T/L):2/0/1
Kills - Losses:239-133
Best Game:33-0
Bet Pool Accur:N/A
Bet Pool Total:N/A
Bet Pool Rank:N/A


You who seek destruction, shall be destroyed. Login: thegod
Real Name: Guillaume
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Favorite Map: Venice
Favorite Game: Last Man On The HIll
Favorite Unit: Dwarven Mortar
Well my real name is William, screw that french shit. Well when i was in highschool i used to work the streets For vanilla wafers and Smack. But then i met An elf named Philis and he guided me to a life of all work and no play. But then Philis the elf pissed me off, So i had to take a sledge hammer and Smash his bitch ass head in. As i was heading back to the streets to buy some more smack I instead stole a computer. This computer came with a game called myth 2, when i 1st signed on my original name was "CRakc Masstter" because i can barely spell in english. But with the help of my gtm ordermates i quickly began to somewhat spell english correctly. Did i mention i can lick my own nuts? Well if i didnt i can. After that I got off of smack and got addicted to saying "honk Honk" everytime i see honkey because we dont have crazy words like that in french. Btw Honkey is sexy. I also enjoy masterbating to japanese cartoon, In case you havent figured it out. One other thing is that if you meet me on myth, you could end up dating me, here are my former boyfriends on myth:
Viperx- 2 yrs
Rd- 3 yrs
Rr- 1 week
Lone- 1 minute until I saw dick
Riv- he beat me so i dumped him
Threat Assessment:
Tox, previously a raid whore, has become a respectable player and captain. Do not expect mistakes from this guy.
Build time: 5ms