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Player Statistics
Games Attended:33
Record (W/T/L):23/1/9
Games Captained:27
Record (W/T/L):18/1/8
Kills - Losses:217-214
Best Game:15-2
Bet Pool Accur:4.8
Bet Pool Total:89
Bet Pool Rank:41st

Rolling Rock

No Limits to the Fullest Login: heyu
Real Name: Andrew
Location: So Cal

Favorite Map:
Favorite Game: flag rally
Favorite Unit: trow
I've participated in every MWC to date.  Playing with teams such as Liquid wu Warriors , Evil Empire twice, and now Glue the Moose.  I think my combined match record for MWC 99 and 00 is about 14-4.  I've always been apart of competitive teams that have won their qualifying pool the past 2 years.
Threat Assessment:
RR is probably the big gun for GTM this year.

Don't melee with him, don't rush him, and don't chase him.

RR has a way of embarassing the best of the best, which is why he's one of them.
Build time: 6ms