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Player Statistics
Games Attended:29
Record (W/T/L):21/1/7
Games Captained:1
Record (W/T/L):1/0/0
Kills - Losses:141-106
Best Game:23-1
Bet Pool Accur:6.5
Bet Pool Total:120
Bet Pool Rank:72nd


:( Login: doraemon
Real Name: Nate
Location: Southern California

Favorite Map: Star Trek: Set No Limits
Favorite Game: all games on Star Trek: Set No Limits
Favorite Unit: Archers
Lead numerous notorious teams to numerous notorious victories and controversial finishes. Pre and post - excuse savvy, Doraemon is typically able to rationalize any poor behavior on his part citing advanced age and indifference.
Threat Assessment:
Very rare to see Dor on nowadays, but when he is there it doesnt appear the time off has left much rust.  

He can be trusted with any unit, and his strategies are top notch.  

If gtm is to make a run for it they need Dor on his game.
Build time: 8ms