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Player Statistics
Games Attended:18
Record (W/T/L):14/0/4
Games Captained:0
Record (W/T/L)://
Kills - Losses:91-61
Best Game:10-3
Bet Pool Accur:11.8
Bet Pool Total:169
Bet Pool Rank:131st


*LonE <->ownz<-> YoU! Login: mgmlone
Real Name: Bryan
Location: Houston, Texas

Favorite Map: Proving Grounds
Favorite Game: Last Man On The Hill
Favorite Unit: Lock, Mortar, Anything with projectile
I've come a long way from my newbie days 2 years ago on tfl, being on the DM team last year didnt help though so I moved on and went to join the Elite Myth Players team which later merged with gtm so now here I am, handling most of gtm's problems/webpage duties and I'm starting to take over team captain roles too for tournaments, so don't under estimate us, because if you do, we'll come back and bite you in the ass.  Being on GTM does not necesarily mean I am very good, I'm good, but being on GTM just means that it is undeniable proof that I am one bad ass mother fucker.
Threat Assessment:
Lone excells with smaller unit sets and utility roles. He may keep games close but don't expect break out plays from him.
Build time: 6ms