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Laugh or die Login: relativity
Real Name: ?
Location: ?

Favorite Map: Treasure
Favorite Game: Hopscotch
Favorite Unit: My unit
Not a lot of background information has been located on this individual.  No one knows where he comes from and no one knows where he's going.  No one even knows if he can play Myth with any skill whatsoever.  All that is known is the utmost importance this individual places on having fun.  So please, try to enjoy yourselves in this tourney.  Because if you're not, this one might roll up and kill you.
Threat Assessment:
Orca hasn't been on any fs teams in a while, but still plays regularly with the guys in Berk's games. Orc is a tough all-around player and a stable addition to the team. It remains to be seen if he can keep up with the pace of the ex-Gin guys, but we're pretty confident he can.
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