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Player Statistics
Games Attended:27
Record (W/T/L):24/0/3
Games Captained:4
Record (W/T/L):4/0/0
Kills - Losses:197-127
Best Game:21-0
Bet Pool Accur:5.9
Bet Pool Total:96
Bet Pool Rank:60th


Last who stands go out and tell the world you have seen my tribe fighting down there at the river.  Login: firu
Real Name: Simeon ...
Location: Munich Germany

Favorite Map: erotic dwarves, and allied games cuz they are gangbanging and cluster fucking
Favorite Game: the one that involves leather
Favorite Unit: trow cuz of the sexy loin-cloth, and fetch of course :O
who cares ...
Threat Assessment:
Probably the most loved member on the np team for his patience and lack of ego, fire recently placed 2nd in a 2x2 tournament. He is a team player and will follow orders no matter what the task.
Build time: 5ms