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Player Statistics
Games Attended:30
Record (W/T/L):27/0/3
Games Captained:0
Record (W/T/L)://
Kills - Losses:251-106
Best Game:25-0
Bet Pool Accur:4.6
Bet Pool Total:95
Bet Pool Rank:34th


Olen korkeimmalle kohoava vaahtopää tässä loputtomien skillzien meressä ! Login: jumala
Real Name: Jussi Antero Sormunen
Location: Joensuu (Finland of course)

Favorite Map: No idea
Favorite Game: Koth
Favorite Unit: Journeyman
Hmm... Same bio as last year I guess:
  I won the GIANTZ R 4 H00RZ tournament!
  No new, better achievements :(
 ps. soulblighter does not rule
Threat Assessment:
Chicken, like Jushius, is known for his cute emoticons and patient personality, he can do a good job with anything from thrall to a trow. Expect him to be stacking up kills as he is one of np's big guns.
Build time: 5ms