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Player Statistics
Games Attended:15
Record (W/T/L):11/0/4
Games Captained:0
Record (W/T/L)://
Kills - Losses:102-31
Best Game:41-0
Bet Pool Accur:8.8
Bet Pool Total:127
Bet Pool Rank:98th


OMFG! that girl looked me in the eyes! Them girls like me. :oP Login: omena
Real Name: Joose Hermanni Alm
Location: Joensuu, Finland

Favorite Map: The Desert Between Yer Earz
Favorite Game: Strip poker with girls
Favorite Unit: Krogoth
Just some achievements:
Never did I NOT win a round in Shogun last year. (I played in it too... don't doubt that)
Posted over 100 pics of Britney Spears and Sarah Michelle Gellar on various Forums in the myth community.
Has held (for a period of time) the Last Word in the MWC2k forum.
Has been seen doing push ups in the middle of Helsinki's (Finland's capital) trainstation. (and ukemes)
Has been thought to be the biggest pervert that exists.
Has, to this day, avoided kissing a girl.
Has beaten Drizzt in a KG ctf ffa. (Mig started mid that game)
Has eaten catfood from the can.
Has stated two times on irc (in the late hours): "F*ck you all!! I hate this BS! I'm quittin irc and Myth for good!"
Has never kept that promise. :)
Has spent countless nights at Chickenwire's place. (dunno why I'm mentioning this :oP )
Has downloaded a total of about 30 000 pr0n pictures to his HD (one by one... :)

Oh yeah. I play lots of FFA and ... sheesh, that girl is looking my way. ::::) whoa... ah yes, uh. again! gdi, that's a hot teen! ok now, I play both dark and light maps. Mb more light maps, but I rule with locks and have a good sense of what's going on in games. I arch well too. Hmm. One map I don't seem to be able to lose on in FFA is BC PG. Uh damn... that chick is hot. man, HOT!

An update: I now have kissed/licked/sucked a girl. (She's upstairs, sleeping in my bed)
Threat Assessment:
Another huge ego on the np team, nevertheless migraine is a valued asset to this team and can do lots with small numbers.
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