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Player Statistics
Games Attended:33
Record (W/T/L):30/0/3
Games Captained:1
Record (W/T/L):1/0/0
Kills - Losses:271-137
Best Game:20-0
Bet Pool Accur:2.9
Bet Pool Total:74
Bet Pool Rank:5th


Neekeri nakkaa neekerin kakkaa  Login: corbulo
Real Name: Nahkajättiläinen
Location: Nälkämaa

Favorite Map: Gfg gold, WW2 Recon
Favorite Game: FR (NOT tAGGING gdi!)
Favorite Unit: Myrkridon Gayant
I started playing myth about year ago.
        now few months ago I saw the light named gfgg.
        Gfgg has become a way of life to me.
        It has all the basic formulas to be a good map/way of life: Bitching, whining, Mad skillz.
        now that Bnet is gone I have taken strength and forgot gfgg almost totally.
        but I think that after Bnet is back gfgg will beat the living days out of me and I'll be a slave, a h00r, an emp!!! again!
  ps. soulblighter rules
       Also, Sir Mick is my idol and probably the best myth player ever!
      I wanna really be an EmP!!!!!!!!!!!1111 I hope that some day I can be The Comet.
      Yea, I luv Swedish men too, they're great guys.
    Im so gay.
     I think it wasnt very clever to give mick this password :)
Threat Assessment:
One of np's less talkative members, Dante is a good all around player. Try not to give him opportunities.
Build time: 7ms