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Player Statistics
Games Attended:41
Record (W/T/L):37/0/4
Games Captained:34
Record (W/T/L):30/0/4
Kills - Losses:354-181
Best Game:73-0
Bet Pool Accur:2.6
Bet Pool Total:69
Bet Pool Rank:3rd


My thrall/wight rush failed again? :( no wei! thrall/wight rush on päällikkö! Murskaa niiden pallit! Login: nuimpha
Real Name: Drizzt sucks, :(
Location: Korpilahti

Favorite Map: Map to g-spot
Favorite Game: Planetarion
Favorite Unit: Warrior named Kalevi
I started playing myth in year 1999. After playing for year or so i met Chickenwire. We instantly fell in love with each other and were married soon after in church in Joensuu. Now we have three lovely children named Gekko, Creme and Jushius.

game i captained was reported as rp captained. i cannot be held resbonsible for losing a game if i crash during the pt.

so my captaining  ratios should be: 23-2 :(((

im deeply upset about this :(((

someone is trying to steal my m2sbr
Threat Assessment:
Despite his frequent claims that he sucks, Rabican like many other Northern Paladin's, is an all around player, if you meet up with him on the battle field, expect to get your arse kicked.
Build time: 5ms